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You CAN Sing

So many people come to me for a first voice lesson & start by saying “I’ve never been able to sing”, and every single one (in my 12+ years of teaching) has ended the lesson somewhere between “oh, maybe I can sing” and “woah, I…

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Sensory Tips for Vocalising at Different Pitches

YouTube video with captions and transcript. Did you know, vocalising the same musical interval at different pitches might not feel like it’s the same interval apart. Okay first some background information. Pitch is your auditory interpretation of the air vibrating at a specific speed –…

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Falsetto Playlists

Below are some spotify playlists I have created that use falsetto in a variety of different ways. Falsetto Songs Stylistic Uses of Modal & Falsetto Smooth Moves Between Modal & Falsetto  

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