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Arts Graduates

So you’ve just graduated – yay! You know you want to go self employed, but you’re not sure where to start – fear not – I’ve put together the service packages on this page just for you.

The services on this page are perfect for all arts graduates – performing arts, costume and makeup, media studies, fine art, photography, design and more. If you’ve graduated in the last two years, this is the page for you.

I offer flexible payment plans, crafted specifically for you, so please get in touch, even if you’re not 100% sure on finances at the moment.

Step One

This is the base service package for arts graduates. Once completed, you can choose to do step two and three, but it isn’t required.


Should cost: £485+
Arts graduate cost: £300


Click through for more details on each service.

*These are additional services only offered in the Arts Graduate package.


By the end of this step for the Arts Graduate business mentoring special offer, you should have a clear idea of the direction of your career, and how you will get there, including (but not limited to):

  • a better understanding of how you work, your strengths and your skills
  • how to harness your passions in your work
  • an understanding of how to find your USP (Unique Selling Point)
  • a breakdown of you income and outgoings, including projections for the future
  • who your ideal customer is
  • how to price yourself
  • a plan for the next year and a half to help you achieve your goal, along with income thoughts

Because everyone works at different speeds, I tailor the time scale of my services to suit you. I find this the best way as it gives you time to fully process the work, as well as learning more about yourself. On average I find that it takes between 2 – 4 months to complete all the stages of step one.

Step Two

Step one can be quite intensive, so I give the option to take a break, and start step two anytime up to 6 months after finishing step one. If you find your ideas for your career change quite a bit in this time, I might recommend a refresher session before step two. This can take anywhere between 1-3 hours, and I charge a nominal fee of £25 an hour for this.


Should cost: £325
Arts graduate cost: £250


Click through for more details on each service.

Step Three

This option is available to start up to 3 months after finishing step two.

  • Special offer for ongoing mentorship for 12 months (more details coming soon)