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Discovery Session

Who Is This For?

This service is perfect for anyone wanting to start out as self employed, or in their first few years of business, but not sure on exactly what they want to do, or the direction of their career.

Timings and Prices

Video call: 1.5 hours
Cost: £85

What To Expect

Before this session I will send you a questionnaire which prompts you to start looking inwards, explore what you want from life, and learn what you believe and know about yourself.

In this session we will discuss your wildest dreams and explore your skills and strengths to create a list of all the possible things you could do as a freelancer, and some ideas on how you might monetise those.

This session is a chance for you to imagine exactly what you would like from your life, and explore ideas on how to get there.

I will help you connect the dots between your skills, strengths and passions, and start you on the journey to uncovering exactly what you want to do, and how that could look.

This can be booked as a stand alone session, and can also lead in to a variety of pathways.