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Overview Year and a Half Plan

Who is this for?

This is ideal for people who are wanting to get started as a freelancer and have a rough idea of the sector/s they are interested in, or for those who are in their first few years of trading, and haven’t done a business projection plan.

Timings and Prices

Estimate of completion time: Between 1 – 2 months
Total cost: £350 (payment plans available)

What to Expect

Initial video call session: 1.5 hours

During our initial session we will explore all the different ideas you have for your business, and find what potential directions you could take.

I often find that these sessions sometimes bring up some surprising things that you didn’t realise about yourself! This will be a chance for you to try on different ideas, and see how they feel for you. I take notes throughout, so you don’t need to worry about that, unless you want to, and I recommend we record the session as well – this will only be used for me to look back on in case I need clarification on something we discussed. I will also be happy to send you the recording for your records.

After our first session, I will send you all the notes I have made, along with any thoughts and suggestions I have, for you to take some time to think on, and organise your thoughts and ideas.

We will schedule the next session for between 1-3 weeks later, depending on how long you feel you need in order to gather your thoughts and ideas together, as well as fill in the income and outgoings spreadsheet template.

Second video call session: 1 hour

Our second session is to look over the notes from our first session and chat about any other thoughts and ideas you’ve had since then in order for me to get a full picture of what you would like to do.

In this session we will also discuss the spreadsheet with your income and outgoings to give you visibility of how much you need to earn to be able to go full time self employed, along with some ideas of additional things you need to consider costs for as you become self employed.

Document creation

After our second session, I will put together a document based on everything we have discussed. The document will have clear breakdowns of all ideas/pathways/projects/products for your career, and 1.5 year plan with specific goals, which is broken down into three 6 month sections with a rough projection of income by the end of each 6 months.

This creation is just a draft! Once you receive it, you can take some time to absorb it, edit it as much as you want in line with your thoughts, and send it back for me to give advice and prompt thoughts on how realistic these goals are.

Third video call session: 1 hour

Once you’ve had a chance to take a look at the document, we will schedule in a third video call to go through the plan, answer any questions you have, make edits to the document and discuss how you can utilise the document going forward. Before we finalise the document, I make sure you are happy with the plan and agree with it, and also have an idea of how you are going to achieve it.