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Goal Setting and Add On of Monthly Check In

Who Is This For?

This is ideal for those of you who feel confident in your overall aim for your career path/business plan already, but are unsure about how to break your vision down into smaller, actionable goals to help push you forward with your business growth.

(If you would like help with your overall business plan, I recommend the 1.5 year overview plan, which has a follow on service similar to this, for a special price.)

Timings and Prices

Total of my time: 1.5 hours
Cost: £85

What to Expect

In this session we will explore your business ideas/plan from all angles along with techniques to complement your working style. We will break your plans down into actionable points, with realistic goal dates, with some flexibility factored in too.

Usually in a 1.5 hour session we will be able to create in depth goals for between 2-4 months into the future.

Depending on how many ideas you have, we may not be able to plan all of them, however the work we do should give you an idea, and help you build skills in order to do the breakdowns for the rest of your main goals.

If you want more video call time for goal setting, this will be charged at a reduced rate of £50 an hour if booked within two weeks of our first session.

Once we have had one goal setting session, if you want to book regular mentoring, we can discuss what the best options will be for you.

Add on: monthly check in and guidance

Timings and Prices

Cost: £55 a month
Time spent: 1 hour a month

What to Expect

I know that a lot of creatives struggle with staying on track, especially with the non-creative aspects of setting up a business. If you feel that having someone to stay accountable other than yourself will help you, I’m here to help!

With this service, I will check in with you once a month to see what you’ve done, and check them against the goals we initially set, plus help you adjust goals if needed. This usually takes place over email, however can be via WhatsApp, or a video call if preferred. Some clients prefer to send either daily or weekly logs, which is absolutely fine, however I do then ask for you to do a monthly “round up” for me to look at.

This service is only available after my goal setting service. If you would like monthly check-in and guidance without the goal setting, the cost will be £60 per hour.