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Analysis of Selena Gomez’s Voice

Originally shared as a tweet thread.

Very quick initial analysis of SG’s voice using the first bit of this video:

Pitch: F3 – A2 for general speech, mostly sitting between E3-B2.

E3-G4 for expression (the bit at the very beginning where she says “that was really impressive!”)

Pitch tends to start in the top end of range and tail off to lower and quieter at the end of phrases.

Some vocal fry towards the end of phrases sometimes.

The “hello” at 22secs starts on A3 for the “he”, gliding down on the “ll” and ending on the B2 for the “o”

Not very breathy at all – clean and well supported sound mostly throughout until vocal fry comes in.

Doesn’t open jaw very much – the front of the mouth is mostly what’s moving for articulation.

Things you could explore that might help with finding some of these elements in your voice:

Straw SOVT exercises across pitch range of A2-A3 for clean supported sound for general speech range (always go a bit higher than you want to use):

Hold a pencil or similar in between your teeth and talk without it falling out – but don’t clench the jaw/bite down too hard with the teeth.

Use something like the rainbow passage and try speaking it coming in around F3 and letting the pitch and volume fall throughout a phrase, stopping around C3 and then letting the sound get a bit creaky (which is very low airflow).

Let me know if you have questions!