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“Trans voice” when taking T

There’s a number of things it can be! (I’m a trans specialist voice teacher who teaches trans masc & femme voices singing & speech)

1. The vocal folds change quicker when taking T than if your body produces T, which can mean more unstability for the first few years.

2. There’s parts of the voice which don’t grow when taking T, which can lead to a certain type of resonance which only people who’ve taken T after a first puberty tend to have.

3. Habits that you already had can end up sounding different once you’ve been on T a while. These habits could be anything! Some examples of things I’ve seen: Tongue root tension from previously “pushing” pitch down, making it harder to let the bigger VF do their thing.

Creak from not using enough air support now the VF are bigger. Twang and/or nasality from having “leant in” to stereotypes of a “femme voice” before coming out. That’s just a few examples! I’m more than happy to answer questions if you’ve got any!