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Voice Resources Organised by Post Tags

This section includes Twitter threads, TikToks, IG posts, YouTube videos and original content only available on my website about voice training. Most posts have multiple tags, as their content is relevant for a range of different voice things, which is why I have organised them as below, however if you would prefer to view everything in the “voice resources” category in order of the date I posted them, you can here:

Definitions for the purpose of these resources:

  • Trans Femme = making a voice that has been influenced by testosterone sound more stereotypically feminine (western culture/society).
  • Trans Masc no T = making a voice that hasn’t been influenced by testosterone sound more stereotypically masculine (western culture/society)
  • Trans Masc with T = information for people taking HRT testosterone as an adult.
  • Trans Masc All = All posts from no T and with T categories.
  • Voice Analysis = an analysis of a specific voice, either a celebrity or a character.