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Ideas Splurge / Problem Solving

Who Is This For?

Almost anyone! If you’ve got a specific issue or problem that has you scratching your head, whether you’ve recently started as self employed, or have been self employed for years, book in for this session!

Timings and Prices

Video call: 1 hour
Cost: £50

What to Expect

I love the word splurge, I’m so glad I got to use it somewhere! This is for those of you who need an outside eye to think outside of the box to bring some new ideas into your work.

Ideal for people who are already set up with the concept of their business, and have been successful in some aspects, but are perhaps struggling to push into the next stage of going full time, or someone who has a specific problem they are struggling with.

When you contact me to book this, please give an brief explanation of what you need help with. This will allow me to be able to ensure it is something I feel able to offer guidance and ideas on. If I feel I am able to help, I will send you some questions to answer before our session.

Examples of reasons clients have booked this session before:

  • Had a business concept set up, and lots of people were saying they were interested, but when it came to getting commitment from people to buy tickets, hardly anyone was buying.
  • Wanted to start making products from their art, but wasn’t sure how to, and the best place to sell them.
  • Had lots of ideas for new services to offer, plus some deadlines for current work, and was struggling to identify what to work on first.